Live Well Market Analysis Tool

Web application built with JavaScript, JQuery, MongoDB, Firebase, and Google Charts. Built as a part of Triton Software Engineering for a non-profit to evaluate markets based on a series of questions in order for them to learn how to improve the market.

Gate Detector

Python script written for the Triton Robosub team. Used the OpenCV and NumPy packages to first detect and track color from a webcam, then find the optimal path to move through when presented with a three pronged gate.


Chess Tournament Tool

Program designed for my high school calculus teacher. Written in Java and using JFrame for the GUI, the program allows for players to be added to a tournament, then pairs them up against each other using the Swiss System. Players are assigned sides and all matches and results are logged.


Web application built for SD Hacks 2018. Uses JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax,, and API to display a map full of current events visible to anyone on any browser. Allows for creation of events and immediate addition to the map for all.

Distance Diary

Alexa skill written in Python made for the Tech for Good Hackathon. Uses AWS Lambda, AWS DynamoDB, and the boto3 API for communication with database. Encourages users to ride their bike as opposed to driving by offering incentives in the form of money saved, calories burned, and logs all savings for future reference.


Visualization of the A* pathfinding algorithm. Written in Python using the tkinter library for the gui. Also implements a game where the user can run from squares that chase them using the algorithm.


Twitter bot written in Python running on a Raspberry Pi in my room. Started at a random twitter page and scrapes the page it was previously on for links, then picks a new link at random to move to. Moving forwards one link per four hours indefinitely.

This Website

This website was fully made by me! It’s got all the things that make a site hip like modal boxes and text that highlights when you hover it. There’s even some JavaScript floating around in there! It took all of my effort to not let it end up looking like it was from before I was born.


DSC 30 - Data Structures and Algorithms

Java course that involved implementing data structures like stacks, queues, heaps, hash tables, bloom filters, linked lists, trees, as well as algorithms like Huffman Encoding, A*, BFS, DFS, Djikstra’s, Kruskal’s, and sorting algorithms.

DSC 80 - The Practice and Applications of Data Science

DSC 80 - The Practice and Application of Data Science Course that introduced topics like machine learning, pipelines, pandas, and working with spatial, text, and other kinds of data. Worked with tools like pandas, folium, scikit-learn, jupyter notebook, and regex. Also learned about techniques like tf-idf, imputation, and more.