Please consider me for a Summer 2020 internship! I have experience with Python, Java, JavaScript, C, AWS, scikit-learn, git, and many more tools.

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Newport Beach, CA 92663

I'm a third year undergraduate at UC San Diego. I'm currently working towards a Bachelor of Science in Data Science, as well as a minor in mathematics.

Data Science Instructional Assistant - UC San Diego
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DSC 20 - Programming and Basic Data Structures
Fall 2018, Winter 2019
DSC 30 - Data Structures and Algorithms
Spring 2019, Fall 2019
As an IA at UC San Diego, I tutor students on concepts and data structures in Java and Python. I help them understand and work through their programming assignments, as well as ensure that they have a strong understanding of they data structures they are implementing. I also hold office hours for students to attend to get help, as well as smaller review sessions where I review concepts taught in lecture. I also grade homework and help write tests for their assignments.

Developer - Triton Software Engineering
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Part of team developing web app. Worked with Node.js and Firebase to save and display markets evaluated by users. Worked with asynchronous API calls to Firebase to display data relating to every market. Built login system, as well as dynamic pages using JQuery. Used Node.js, Firebase API, HTML, CSS, JQuery, and Google Charts API.

Computer Vision Developer - Triton Robosub
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Developed Python script that allowed autonomous submarine to make decisions on how to move. Used OpenCV and NumPy to first find three orange posts marking a gate, then find the two closest ones. Finds proper direction to move and gives appropriate output. Program also has the ability to filter images and video to track certain colors.